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“Nineteen eighty-one was the year that fractured the mosaic of my life and set in motion its reconstruction shard by shard.”

It is 1950 when Trin McCormick is first challenged by childhood polio and the constraints of her Boston Irish Catholic upbringing. As her coming-of-age journey unfolds, Trin shows herself to be a classic survivor overcoming every barrier in her turbulent search for love and identity.

At first tentative and shy, Trin meets and interacts with many muses who serve as catalysts for personal growth. The first is Bobby Newcomb, a childhood bully who summons a power she did not know she possessed. Brushing aside the aftereffects of polio as irrelevant to living a full life, she steps into young adulthood in 1968, a turning point in America’s history that leads her down a new path toward Stanley Hylton, a brilliant Black student who challenges her naive thinking. In midlife, both her marriage and her fragile self-image are threatened by Jeff Stone, the romantic younger man who nearly destroys her. In her adventures and misadventures, Trin reflects every woman’s life as she bravely faces heartbreak, a midlife crisis, and ultimate resurrection.

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